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Stay in touch with crew members and their families.  When members of the 4ACCS relocate or there are changes in your contact information please email those changes to the above email address, or leave a message below.

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8 thoughts on “Roster

  1. Seems like only yesterday that I was pulling alert at Ellsworth and Minot AFB with the 4ACCS. Norm Kohn 1975-1978.

  2. It is really nice to see some names and locations of some of the people in ACCS. I have seen a few of them since leaving SD ( Terry Kee, Japan; Mark Sebastian, Georgia; Matt Medinas, Virginia). It was really great seeing them again and am looking forward to seeing Gina Wilson Ennis really soon. God Bless you all!

  3. I remember getting back from Minot on a Wednesday, it was snowing and didn’t stop until Sunday. No power on base for 3 days. Used a friend’s snowmobile to go to the South Gate (locked), we squeezed thru & got groceries for ourselves and neighbors. Made several trips. Thank goodness for gas stove and water heater!

  4. 34 Southwind Drive
    Hampton, VA 23669
    4ACCS – Navigator
    RET 2001, MAJOR
    ACC HQ
    Langley AFB, VA

  5. Does anyone remember the tail number of the fan jet EC-135 we flew in the early ’70’s? We referred to that ship ‘Balls One’ because the tail number ended in 001.

  6. “Why Not Minot?”

    “Only The Best Come North”

    Coldest place I’ve ever been. Once while on satellite alert in a December in the early seventies, the temperature was minus forty something and the wind was howling. It was so cold, SAC took us off alert and we were forbidden to step outside the alert facility!

    • Early 90s here. It was -40 with howling winds as well. We were called by SAC to make targeting changes on the jet. As ALCS guys, we go out to the jet on the pad, open the required documents and you normally don’t think of paper being -40 degrees. The pen tip would freeze upon contact with the paper and the correction tape wouldn’t stick. Using body heat, we solved the issues, adapt and overcome!

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