Mary Hillman – editor, contact person, reunion coordinator, and merchandise manager          Msgt Duane Hillman – Boom Operator, Stan Eval, Training Flight (’84-’92)

c/o Mary Hillman
68393 430th St
Odessa, MN 56276

(320) 760-8235 (direct line)
(320) 808-5658
(320) 273-2239 (fax)


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  1. Hi Duane. I don’t know if you remember me. My name is Gleb Tschapek, Jr. I was a SrA-Sgt. I was the admin guy in Flight Ops. I worked for Lt Col Sauder (Flt Ops). I took care the of publications, forms, regulations, correspondence, office supplies, performance reports, awards, etc. Lt Col Sauder took me flying one day. I then worked for Lt Col Zazula. After one year, I moved to ALCS. I worked for Major Terrance Danford. After Ellsworth, I went to Ascensions Island and then a joint task force in the San Francisco Bay area. I left the Air Force after 8 years and got my degree. I’m a software developer in South Florida now.

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