Come join us, reminiscing with the “Old Crew” staff, and families.  Catch up on where everyone is at, and what they are doing. This reunion will be 30 years since deactivation of the 4th Airborne Command Control Squadron!

If you missed out on the memorial dedication at the last reunion, we will again have a special ceremony at the bench honoring our “Folded Wings” as well as a tour of the  SD Air & Space Museum, located at the main entrance to Ellsworth AFB.  While you tour the museum grounds  you will find the granite memorial bench which sits, under the “right”  wing of the squadron’s  EC-135 aircraft, tail #10262. (To Sick, To Fly)

Each  year we charter a bus to Mount Rushmore where members of the 4ACCS participate in the Lighting Ceremony.  Two other bus tours on the schedule are, “The Northern Hills” traveling to Deadwood and Mount Moriah Cemetery for the history of.  Another bus tour is the “1880 Train”, this time a one way ride boarding the train in Keystone, ending in Hill City where you can tour the town and shop.  All bus tours start and end at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn in downtown Rapid City which is the main location of most  of our reunion activities.

Friday evening will be the Welcome Reception, then Saturday evening the Banquet, and for those who are still around you can sign up for the Sunday morning breakfast.  In the planning are some very special guest speakers, as we are awaiting their confirmation.

For hotel reservations go to the reunion registration page.  Looking forward to another memorable reunion with our 4ACCS Family!

June 23 – 26, 2022
Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn
Rapid City, SD


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